RNK Incontro Indonesia

RNK Incontro Indonesia as "Your Hospitality Partner" devotes its activity to the supply of the best Hotels, Clubs and Restaurants chains all over Indonesia. Where quality is being assured by us... From hotels to restaurants chains, from caters to institutional facilities and individual F&B outlet, we passionately believe in listening, understanding and selecting the most functional and outstanding products for all your ambience providing the most professional services to you, our valued clients.

We have selected for you the most outstanding brands to accomplish your final mission. Our portfolio consists of full ranges of Cutleries, Bar Wares, Japanese and Western kitchenwares, foodservice products, kitchen knives and tools along with some of the most professional kitchen preparation equipments.

Our commitment to Customer Service Excellence, We are always putting our customers first, providing well-trained staff in following perfect item solution, committing ourselves to continually improving our service and product selection.

ETNA offers some of the most extensive range of glass colors are real glass colors too, which means they are food-safe and dishwasher - safe.

ETNA has won several international Design awards and was the first glass manufacturing company to be awarded Thailand Trusted Mark (TTM) by DITP in 2012.

PT RNK Incontro Indonesia
Sentra Niaga Puri Indah Blok T1 No.40,
Jl. Puri Agung, Puri Indah Jakarta Barat 11610, Indonesia
+62 21 5800501
+62 858 1012 2012 (Urgent Only)

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