(Seoul, 18 October, 2018) – The Shilla Seoul is delighted to announce its flagship restaurant, La Yeon, has been awarded three Michelin stars for a third consecutive year. A fine-dining traditional Korean restaurant, La Yeon offers authentic flavours and creative interpretations of time-honoured recipes.

Since opening in 2013, La Yeon has earned global attention for its service, ambiance, and sophisticated menu. Offering reinterpretations of classic recipes using modern culinary techniques, the award-winning restaurant distinguishes itself with unique presentations of recipes dating back to ancient Korea.

La Yeon’s three-star recognition is a testament to the team’s pursuit of culinary excellence. The restaurant has distinguished itself with premium, Korean-grown ingredients procured from exclusive sources around the country. The menu at La Yeon refreshes every three months to reflect the changing seasons and produce, placing emphasis on freshness and provenance.

“It is an exceptional honour to be acknowledged by the Michelin Guide for a third consecutive year,” says Executive Chef Kim Sung Il. “In recent years, Korean cuisine has gained recognition for its seasonal flavours and refined techniques. This latest Michelin honour is a validation of our team’s commitment to preserving and showcasing traditional Korean recipes.”

La Yeon’s team of culinary specialists are dedicated to honouring Korean gastronomy. Led by Chef Kim, they explore traditional recipes passed down over generations and revive these techniques in creative ways. Their commitment to excellence extends to the specialty cookware, designed exclusively by the team to reveal the pure flavours and ingredients.

For more information or reservations, please contact La Yeon at (82) 2-2230-3367 or visit

About The Shilla Hotels & Resorts

Established in 1973 as the hotel sector subsidiary of Samsung Group, South Korea’s largest conglomerate, The Shilla Hotels & Resorts is the national leader in premium hospitality services.

Named after the ancient Shilla dynasty, The Shilla Hotels & Resorts was established after taking over Yeong Bin Gwan. A previous state guesthouse, its traditional Korean architecture evokes the grandeur of Korea’s historical past. The group’s flagship hotel The Shilla Seoul opened in 1979 next to Yeong Bin Gwan, and has since been celebrated for its exemplary Korean hospitality in an understated setting where traditional heritage meets elegant luxury. In 2013, the hotel underwent a major renovation under acclaimed designer Peter Remedios.

The Shilla Hotels & Resorts group owns and operates two The Shilla hotels in Seoul and Jeju. One of Korea’s leading resorts, The Shilla Jeju is the ultimate nature destination with its Mediterranean-inspired design and charming vistas of Jeju island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The group unveiled its upscale Shilla Stay brand in 2013, a collection of vibrant and trendy hotels offering streamlined comfort and convenience. There are currently 11 Shilla Stay hotels in South Korea.


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