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Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Held Indonesia Transport, Supply Chain & Logistics 2018

"Present a forum for industrial communication and business opportunities to welcome the 4.0 Industrial Revolution through the development of infrastructure, transportation and logistics in Indonesia." Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Jakarta, September 5th 2018, the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in cooperation with Reed Panorama Exhibitions and related Associations held the annual grand Transport and Logistics Industry Event in Indonesia, titled Indonesia

Transport, Supply Chain & Logistics (ITSCL) 2018.

With the theme "Innovation Towards Industrial Revolution 4.0, Are We Ready?" , Indonesia Transport, Supply Chain & Logistics (ITSCL) 5th edition will be held on 12-14 September 2018 in Hall A, JIEXPO - Kemayoran, Jakarta. It will be held every day at 10:00 - 17:00 WIB, and is open to the public. This event will bring hundreds of transportation, supply chain and logistics businesses from within and outside the country.

Indonesia Business Logistics predicted to experience growth in 2018 and future years, it is among others supported by the development trend of electronic commerce or ecommerce, which grew rapidly and become the latest trend of Indonesian society. The digital era has encouraged us to make various changes to keep up with industry developments.

The incessant development of infrastructure and certainty of departure contributed to the increase in Indonesia's logistics ranking index in the world, where according to World Bank research results in the 2018 Logistics Performance Index (LPI), Indonesia's ranking rose from 63rd to 46th position. This is certainly expected to be a momentum for the rise of the transportation and logistics industry in the country.

Rosan P. Roeslani, Chairman of KADIN Indonesia said that "The Government is now trying to encourage increased exports. The acceleration infrastructure development various fields are expected to be able to record on all regions in Indonesia. We know the certainty of time and the decrease in logistics costs is still a major problem. To overcome these obstacles, we need to help the Government to accelerate this distribution program by creating a forum that represents various stakeholders, practitioners and academics from all relevant sectors. KADIN Indonesia believes that ITSCL 2018 can provide the platform. This event is ready to be a place for local and international industry players to gather to discuss issues, networks, strategies and create new business opportunities. We are also optimistic that this forum can be one of the ways to conduct an effective marketing campaign."

This statement is strengthened by Carmelita Hartoto, Vice Chairman of the KADIN Indonesia Transportation Sector state that "The implementation of ITSCL 2018 is expected to be a perfect moment to showcase the progress of transport and logistics in Indonesia, both transportation by air, land, and sea, to the role of technological progress in creating integration with business e-commerce and other logistics business."

On the same occasion, Nofrisel, as the Chairman of the Standing Committee of KADIN Indonesia Logistics, Supply Chain and Human Resources Sector, representing the Vice Chairman of KADIN Indonesia Logistics and Supply Chain, explained that "The development of the industry are increasingly being integrated is supported by the use of technology, such as IOT (Internet of Things), Artificial Intelligence, Automation and so on, has encouraged Indonesia's transportation, logistics and supply chain industries to collaborate intensively. In addition, the corporate business model in the transportation, logistics and supply chain sectors is also required to continue to be adjusted considering that this sector is one of the industries affected by disruption, mainly due to technological advances and changes in the tastes of its customers. In organizing ITSCL 2018, observers and actors in the transportation, logistics and supply chain sectors can find out more information about the application of the latest technology and the direction of the national policy in the fields of transportation, logistics and supply chain.

In Other parties Steven Chwee, General Manager of Reed Panorama Exhibitions added that "As organizers we are very proud to be part of the transportation industry and logistics development in Indonesia, the ITSCL 2018 implementation is expected to be a platform of business opportunities in the transport and logistics sectors, with various education programs and other important events, we also hope to contribute to the development of other major industries in Indonesia ".

Present International Summit and 8 Discussion Forums guided by 53 Experts and Business actors in Transportation, Logistics & Supply Chain Industries The increments of consumer needs and technological advances have driven the growth of the transportation and logistics business in Indonesia. The growing trend of digitalization and online trading (e-commerce) invites all parties, both business and government to participate so both parties can continue to grow and develop along with the changing times.

Rapid technological innovation and lifestyle changes in society require the industry to adapt. The use of technology allows the achievement of efficiency and effectiveness of goods and storage shipments goods, which is expected to reduce logistics costs in Indonesia.

To share knowledge and information regarding the development of the transportation and logistics industry at present, the organizer collaborates with various related parties to present various discussion forums which is divided into 10 session and International Summit. Appoint the theme "The Changing Paradigm of Transport & Logistics - How to Win Global Trade With Digitized Supply Chain", the organizers presenting 4 International speakers and dozens of speakers in the country as well as businessmen from the Transportation, Supply Chain and Logistics Industries. The event will discuss a variety of opportunities, challenges and expectations of the industry today and the future, therefore we are confident to attract entrepreneurs, manufacturing and export –Import on related industries.

On the other hand, in order to find out the development of opportunities for business cooperation and port investment in Indonesia which is increasingly promising, Indonesia International Sea port Services initiated by the Indonesian Port Business Association (ABUPI) to become one of the new and interesting segments to visit at the ITSCL and attend a 2-day seminar related to Indonesia International Seaport Services.

As an effort to encourage the participation of the transportation, logistics, manufacturing and export-import industries as a whole from upstream to downstream, this year as part of the ITSCL 2018, Indonesia Trucks & Commercial Vehicles (ITCV) organized "Truck Modification Competition". This activity will invite 25 truck owners to show modification results that are certainly innovative to support efficiency in the trucking business. All participants in this activity will compete for various attractive prizes and millions Rupiah.

Indonesia Transport, Supply Chain & Logistics (ITSCL) 2018
Indonesia Transport, Supply Chain & Logistics (ITSCL) 2018 is a prestigious Transportation and Logistics annual exhibition that showcases the progress of intra-logistics technology, warehousing, logistics services, the digitization process in the field of supply chain and also the development of the online logistics industry (e-logistics).

Presenting 500 industrial solutions and services for Transportation, Supply Chain and Logistics from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, China, India, Vietnam, Japan to Lithuania. In the 5th edition, ITSCL was organized by the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN) in collaboration with Reed Panorama Exhibitions and fully supported by the Coordinating Ministry for Economic

Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, Ministry of Transportation Republic Indonesia, Ministry of Trade Republic Indonesia, Ministry of Industry Republic Indonesia, Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) and the Directorate General of Customs and Excise Indonesia and related Associations. ITSCL 2018 held in conjunction with the Intra-Logistics Indonesia, Indonesia Truck & Commercial Vehicles, Jakarta International Summit & Expo and Indonesia International Seaport Services.

In order to provide a good business experience in ITSCL 2018, the organizer provides various facilities supporting and provide convenience for the visitors who will be present at ITSCL 2018. From the convenience of online registration via social media to business matching program (Bizmatch) capable of providing meeting recommendation for visitors so that visitors can get extraordinary solutions.

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