South-East Asia Business Summit, 2018

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Exploring Current Trends and Strategies for Business in Southeast Asia
SouthEast Asia is a dynamic market which is group of 11 countries. The region is quick becoming the world’s most attractive destination for foreign investment. Greenfield investment and M&A activities have increased rapidly in the past five years. A lot of multinational companies are increasing the investments in this region due to the cost advantage and continuous opening policy.

Thus far, Singapore has been the preferred location as a safe heaven to invest through to SouthEast Asia. China, following the ‘One Belt, One Road’ plan, is becoming another big investor in Southeast Asia besides Japan and USA. For multinational companies, how to capture the potential direct investment, business opportunities and managing SouthEast Asian businesses to maximize long-term value is crucial to sustainability of these companies. 

In addition, understanding the differences in SouthEast Asian culture, legal, finance and being able to integrate with these elements are a key driver of success. –whether from an investment, M&A or business perspective. These pose very interesting topics and will be covered by professionals and businessmen alike who have deep experience in these areas.

This year’s SouthEast Asia Business Summit 2018 will be held in Singapore. This conference is an exclusive event for the corporate executives from the global multinational corporations to learn the latest trends and regulations affecting general business activities and cross-border investment in SouthEast Asia and how to overcome some of these obstacles.

The event is also a valuable opportunity for business networking by exchanging the practical experience and lessons of direct investment, M&A, JV partnership in this region. Senior executives from MNCs, PE, VC and professional advisors for finance & tax, legal, management consulting, investment banking will join this year’s exciting event.

We are looking forward to your participation!

• Better understanding on policies, regulations, culture and business practices of these regions.
• Understanding the dynamics of the region.
• Learning from other companies’ practical experience and lessons, Developing your company’s business and investment objectives and strategy.
• Meeting with the world leading companies’ executives, Exchanging perspective, knowledge and expertise.
• Spend ONLY ONE DAY in this high level event and generating valuable new connections and business opportunities.

• CXO, Board of Director, Chairman
• Country Manager, Managing Director, Chief Investment Officer
• Professionals incharge of Investment & M&A • Government Affairs
• International Relations • Legal • FInance
• Tax • Business Development • Corporate Strategy
• Marketing • Supply Chain • Human Resource • Joint Ventures • Operations

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