Employee: "I resign." Employer: "OK (with a smile on the face)!"

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Employee: "I resign."
Employer: "OK (with a smile on the face)!"
Employer to HR & Accounts (behind the back of the employee): let this employee suffer. Delay all the processing of this employee's documents. Delay his employment visa cancellation. Delay the calculation of this employee's gratuity. He is leaving us after all!
HR & Accounts staff: OK Sir!
I believe that there is an issue with employers when it comes to resignation or even termination. The employee experiences so much misery during such a phase and until separation. Sometimes, it is even worse than an actual divorce.

I believe that an exiting employee should be assisted and not let down. Everything possible should be done to make the exit and processing of documents and final settlement as fast and as smooth as possible. What is the role of the HR department after all?

One shouldn't beg for any assistance or for the experience letter.
There is no humanity in most cases and this has to change. A worker has the right to full support and this at any time during his or her employment term and this until destiny does the employer and the worker part.

I believe that there is still much need to evoke human rights. The learning curve shall require some more time. No worries. I am here to continue with my online campaign.

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