Hotelier Indonesia

Rrasanthi International Indonesia, the truly Indonesian hospitality. Prasanthi Hotels & Resorts is one of the Indonesian hotel management companies which established to fulfill the demands on distinctive Indonesian hospitality practices. We assist you to build and manage smart hotels and villas all over Indonesia with local culture and hospitality.
We have signed with 24 hotels and villas in different areas with their own unique characteristics, such as: Jakarta, Cilacap, Solo, Purwokerto, Belitung, Bali, Mataram, Kupang, Gorontalo, and Manado. Each Prasanthi hotel is created to provide modern, stylist, energetic, and comfortable. Hotel rooms are equipped with security key card locking system, Wi-Fi internet connection, LCD TV, air conditioner, minibar, and bathroom with standing shower to fulfill the needs of the guests and make them feel like home.

Prasanthi is an expression of a professional team, a collection of experienced young hoteliers obsessed with eagerness to serve all guests with gentle and truly Indonesian friendliness with their personal touch. We provide hotels with eco-friendly concept and warm services. Our concept is to bring the truly Indonesian hospitality to the world.



Established 2006 in Dubai ,Hotelier Indonesia covers hotel management companies and every major chain headquarters. Hotelier Indonesia reaches hotel owners, senior management, operators, chef and other staff who influence, designers, architects, buyers and suppliers for hospitality products and services . We more unique than any other hotel publication in the world / WA : +6281219781196