World MICE Day (October 25-27)

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World MICE Day 2017 which will be held during October 25-27, 2017 in Qingdao, China, is a grand meeting of MICE people. It provides organizers of domestic and international events with a professional platform networking and doing business. Attending an expo, like WMD-2017, is the most efficient way to acknowledge the latest development of MICE Industry. Not only buyers can find and build long lasting relationship with their target industry suppliers, thereby driving business forward; but also the whole MICE industry could get sound development. Join in WMD-2017, find your best partner here!

Event Programme

Apart from providing a professional communication platform for all the attendees, WMD also arranges a three-day program to enlighten you the current trend of MICE industry around the globe and to further drive your business ahead. Click here to learn the Event Program

WMD-2017 Highlights

Click here for a look on the highlights of WMD 2017, this is the first edition of World MICE Day, but we firmly believe that WMD 2017 will bring you a whole new experience.


With the pre-scheduled meeting between buyers and suppliers through our PSA system, you can have face-to-face meetings with the buyer or supplier scheduled, thus enhancing the business, network and education. Click here to Exhibit

Become a Hosted Buyer

Great opportunities for you to meet top level suppliers in MICE industry, amazing education session will be include, as well as create your connections through our designed events.Click here to become Hosted Buyer

Why Choose WMD-2017

  • 150+ Exhibitors
  • 400+ Overseas and Domestic Hosted Buyers
  • 2000+ Participants
  • Unique Initiative in China for Silkroad MICE Industry
  • The Beauty of MICE
  • Attractive Social Program
  • Gold Camel Mice Award
  • MICER Photo EXPO and Award
  • Top 10 Technology in MICE
  • Onsite Inspection Tour to Top 10 MICE Cities
  • Pre-Scheduled Appointments

Hosting Organization

CCPIT-Qingdao Sub Council

Operating Organization

BIT Group Global Ltd.

For Exhibiting Enquiries
Maxine Wang
E: [email protected]

For Hosted Buyer Enquires
Cici Gao
E: [email protected]

For Sponsorship Enquires
Allen Gang
E: [email protected]

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