Hospitality Investment Conference Indonesia 2017

Tourism currently makes up about 10% of our total GDP and is the 4th biggest contributor to foreign reserves. I predict that it will become the core business of the Indonesian economy since it has been showing steady growth of about 10.3%, compared with that of ASEAN and worldwide growth at 5.1% and 4.4% respectively.

However, to reach our target of 20 million foreign tourist and 275 million domestic tourist movement in 2019, there remains much to be done. We have begun by tackling the issue of access by waiving visa requirements for more than 160 nationalities; increasing the number of direct flights to and within the archipelago; and extending the reach of our hotels and destinations through digital marketing.I welcome you all to Wonderful Indonesia and look forward to spending meaningful time with you at the 3rd annual Hospitality Investment Conference Indonesia. 

Kind regards,
Arief Yahya
Minister of Tourism Republic of Indonesia



Some Frequently Asked Questions from our speakers
You may find an answer to your questions here but if you don’t, please contact any of us.

1. Do my guests receive a discount on the conference price?
As a speaker, you are entitled to invite your colleagues or clients along to the event at a 15% discount. Please send Joyce an email at [email protected] with your guest's full contact details and we will register them for you.

2. When should I arrive at the event?
We encourage all our speakers to attend as much of the conference as possible. Many of our delegates will have seen your name on the brochure and want to meet you. If, however, this is not possible, we recommend that you arrive at least an hour before your session, and preferably during a break in the programme. This will allow you to run through your slides with our AV technician.

3. How do I register on the day?
When you arrive, please tell the registration desk that you are a speaker and they will direct you to the speaker registration area. Your badge will be a different colour to those of the delegates.

4. How is the programme structured?
Our programmes are structured to encourage as much interaction between speakers and the audience as possible.

If you are presenting a single session, we encourage you to keep your slides short, colourful and informative. Always allow enough time for questions at the end of your presentation and try to keep it interesting.

At all costs, avoid "death by powerpoint"!

5. What will the conference room be like?
You will be asked to speak from a lectern on the stage in the conference hall. There is a microphone on the podium, but if you like to walk around the stage during your presentation, please let us know and we will provide you with a lapel microphone.

If you are a panelist, you will be seated on a sofa on the stage throughout your session and you will be using a hand-held microphone. Audience Q&A is held at the end of each session, except during panels when moderators tend to keep things interactive.

6. What happens if there are changes to the programmed?
SPHERE Exhibits (Conference division) tries to minimize disruption to conference programmes as much as possible, but sometimes it is unavoidable. If there is a change to the programme that affects your talk time, the conference producer will contact you as soon as possible. We also inform delegates on the day and reproduce new copies of the programme agenda in the conference workbooks.

Last minute changes will be communicated as soon as they are known, and you will be informed immediately of any changes that affect your talk time.

7. What is your accommodation and flights policy?
Speakers are expected to book their own travel and accommodation. SPHERE Exhibits (Conference division) is not liable for associated costs unless otherwise stated.

8. What is the dress code?
The dress code at all our events is business attire.

9. When will I meet the chairperson /moderators /panel members?
The Chairperson will be provided with an information pack before the event, which will contain important notes and biographies of each speaker.

The conference producer will introduce speakers to the chairperson as they arrive. Panelists and panel moderators will have been involved in a pre-event conference call and will be given a designated time and place to meet before their session commences.

10. When can I run through my presentation?
Speakers are encouraged to arrive at the venue at least an hour before their presentation is due to start. You will be given the opportunity to run through your slides in the break before your session (e.g. morning break / lunch break / afternoon break).

11. What should I do if I am delayed on the day?
If for any reason you are delayed in getting to the conference, please call the hotel as soon as possible and ask to speak to someone at the SPHERE Exhibits (Conference division) registration desk.

12. What if I need to cancel?
If for any reason you have to cancel your commitment to speak at the event, we kindly request that you provide a replacement speaker who can speak on the same, or a similar topic.

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