The Gateway To Exploring Opportunities in Indonesia’s Booming Hospitality & Tourism sector | 4 May 2017

About the conference

Welcome back again - to Indonesia and the 2nd edition of our annual gathering here in Jakarta!
Returning for the second time this year, Hospitality Investment Conference Indonesia 2016 will cast the spotlight on the future of the hotel market in the Indonesian archipelago, once again facilitating meaningful exchange and interaction amongst industry peers in the region.

Indonesia's foreign tourist arrivals rise 3.2% YOY in 2015 to reach more than 10.000.000. So as to attract more tourists, President Jokowi has waived visa requirements for visitors from 90 countries entering the archipelago for short visits, and will progressively grant visa-free entry status to more nationalities in time to come. Also, the government is commited to improving infrastructure outside of Bali and Jakarta to make Indonesia a more attractive destination for both tourists and investors alike, Indeed, there remains much to be done.

The combined Foreign and Domestic Direct Investment in tourism reached $1.35 billion in 2016, more than 80% of which went to the development of accommodation. To further encourage tourism investment in Indonesia, we are focused on improving infrastructure and facilities, amenities, tourism development and the ongoing restoration of key strategic destinations.

Returning for the third time in 2017, Hospitality Investment Conference Indonesia 2017 will cast the spotlight on Indonesia’s New Destinations, which will undoubtedly fuel the continual development of the hotel market in the archipelago; once again facilitating meaningful exchange and interaction amongst industry peers in the region.

Tourism currently makes up about 10% of our total GDP and is the 4th biggest contributor to foreign reserves. I predict that it will become the core business of the Indonesian economy since it has been showing steady growth of about 10.3%, compared with that of ASEAN and worldwide growth at 5.1% and 4.4% respectively.

However, to reach our target of 20 million foreign tourist and 275 million domestic tourist movement in 2019, there remains much to be done. We have begun by tackling the issue of access by waiving visa requirements for more than 160 nationalities; increasing the number of direct flights to and within the archipelago; and extending the reach of our hotels and destinations through digital marketing.

I welcome you all to Wonderful Indonesia and look forward to spending meaningful time with you at the 3rd annual Hospitality Investment Conference Indonesia.

Kind regards,
Arief Yahya
Minister of Tourism

Republic of Indonesia






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