All available hall has been booked since after FHI 2015 Exhibition, and we have to extend the exhibition halls in order to accommodate many offers from our potential participants. Currently, 85% of stand location were already booked by FHI 2015 participants.

Hotelier Indonesia



Food & Hotel Indonesia 2017, 5-8 April 2017 in JIEXPO Kemayoran, Jakarta, Indonesia.
FHI 2015 Exhibition was attracted 1,611 companies from domestic and international, and was attended by 30,955 professional visitors from all across Indonesia. This exhibition was displaying various supporting equipment of hospitality, furniture, catering services and food and beverages industries. Responses from this exhibition is extremely well.


This Year’s the scale and International scope of Food & Hotel Indonesia 2017 is underlined by the participation of over1,400 exhibiting companies from 44 countries, both locally and from overseas. This include 13 group pavilions fromAustralia, Belgium, China, Germany, Hungary, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, Taiwan, Turkey and the USAcovering more than 35,500 sqm of exhibits area. However we still have a small number of stands available for any company making last minute plans to exhibit.

We anticipate over 33,000 trade and business visitors will come to this very important industry event from throughout Indonesia. Many will be motivated by reinvestment opportunities in their businesses on account of a new government heralding an era of commerce friendly policies and the return of foreign investment.

So don’t miss YOUR opportunity to sell your equipment, products & technology to a quality buying audience with money to spend! Remaining space will be allocate strictly on a “First come – First served” basis.

Wiwiek Roberto
Project Director
Email : [email protected]

All available hall has been booked since after FHI 2015 Exhibition, and we have to extend the exhibition halls in order to accommodate many offers from our potential participants. Currently, 85% of stand location were already booked by FHI 2015 participants.

Below are the leading companies with product and solution that already confirmed their participation at FHI 2017, such as Agro Boga Agro Boga Utama, Allanasons, Anugrah Indo Mandiri, Anugrah Karya Megah, Armasco Prima, Aromaduta Rasaprima, Artha Karya Utama, Asovic Persada, Ateja Tritunggal, Bahana Genta Viktory, Bahtera Jaya Persada, Belinda Jaya, Berkat Wahana Saudara, Cipta Solusi Datarindo, Citra Dimensi Arthali, Daikin, David Roy Indonesia, Decorus, Dinamika Multi Sukses, Dunia Daging Food Industries, Duta Abadi Primantara (KING KOIL, SERTA), Duta Indah Abadi, Dwi Putu Kasirano, Dyna Air, ELS Indonesia, EMS Indoapliances, Estetika Tata Tiara/KIBIF, Espresso Italia – Saeco Indonesia,

Exinergy Indonesia, Fasco Sanwira, Fillomatic Global Industries, Fitra Food International, Foodindo Dwivestama, Foodteco, Gandum Mas Kencana, Ganesh Indonesia Surya Int’l, Gastro Gizi Sarana, Gunanusa Eramandiri, Hatten Wines, Hankook Ceramic Indonesia, Health Today Indonesia, HMA Agro, Hospitality Equipment Group, Indo Atma Sejahtera, Indo Horeca, Indoguna Utama, Indomas Jaya, Indomo Mulia (MODENA), Indowine, Infotek Jaya Makmur, Interada Prima Lestari, Interfood Sukses Jasindo, Inti Pangan Utama, Javatex Internusa Perkasa, KML Food, Kartikawira Adisukses, Karunia Sukses Gemilang, Keisi Indonesia, Kerry Ingredients, Kresna Muda Perkasa, Kumala Kencana Cipta, Kurnia Mitra Duta Sentosa, Lady Americana, Libra Emas Permata, MDI Trading/MDI Audio, Maharaja Pusaka Nusantara, Masuya Graha Trikencana, Matra Duta, Mulia Boga Raya, Multi Emas Sarana (Andy Mannhart), Multi Flashindo Kharisma, Multifortuna Sinardelta, Multi Niaga Integra, Narumi Indonesia, Nestle Indonesia, Nilam Sukses Mandiri, Nirwana Lestari, Ometraco Arya Samanta, Optima Kreasi Utama, Panca Nabati Prakarsa, Panca Utama (JVD Technologies), Pandurasa Kharisma, Pangan Lestari, Pantja Artha Niaga, Prambanan Kencana, Pratama Cipta Lestarindo, Reafo International, Rejeki Inthi Abadi, Restomart Cipta Usaha/Nayati, Romance Bedding & Furniture, Rotaryana Prima, Roxy Prima Indoproducts, Royal Sutan Agung, Sababay Industry, Sango Ceramics Indonesia, Sarimunik Mandiri, Sari Keramindo International, Shaoxing Xingshun/Anabela Curtain, Sicma Inti Utama, Sinar Mulia Gemilang, Sinar Paninco, Soejasch Bali, Sukanda Djaya, Toffin Product, TTS, Tritunggal Adyabuana, United Harvest Indonesia, Usaha Chunlan Indonesia, Versaguna International, Wahana Boga, Wahana Satria Abadi, Winterhalter Indonesia PMA, Wonderful Indah Jaya, Yummy Food Utama, Zeesindo International, etc.2. Food, Hotel & Tourism Bali, 1-3 March 2018 in Bali Nusa Dua Convention Centre, Bali, Indonesia.

FHT Bali 2016 Exhibition was concluded with 11,160 visitors only in 3 days of exhibition and was attended by 777 exhibiting companies from domestic and international. Response from our potential participants are excellent, where currently 60% of stand locations that we offered were already booked by them.

Below are the leading companies in food and hospitality sectors that already confirmed their participation at FHT Bali 2018, such as Anugrah Indo Mandiri, Anugrah Karya Megah (Nina MG), Armasco Prima, As Kitchen, Asovic, Ateja, Attamana, Bahtera Jaya Persada, Bali Bagus, Batraco Raya Sejahtera, Belinda Jaya, Dapur Inspirasi Nusantara, Datascrip, Duta Abadi Primantara (Kingkoil, Serta), Duta Indah Abadi, Exinergy Indonesia, Fitrafood, Gandum Mas Kencana, Hankook Ceramic Indonesia, Hatten Wine, Health Today Indonesia, Hospitality Equip Group, Indo Atma Sejahtera, Indopangan Sentosa, Indo Porcelain, Javatex Internusa Perkasa (Invicta), Kartikawira adisukses, Kawan Lama Sejahtera, Keisi Indonesia, Kenari Djaja Prima, MODENA, Moscha, Multi Emas Sarana (Andy Mannhart), Multifortuna Sinardelta, Multi Niaga Integra (Spring Air), Narumi Indonesia, Nirwana Lestari, Onity, Pangan Lestari, Prambanan Kencana, Reafo International, Romance Bedding & Furniture, Rotaryana Prima, Rukun Cipta Sukses, Sansico Natura Resources, Sarana Teknik Mandiri Abadi, Sari Keramindo, SIA HUAT, Sicurezza Solution Indonesia, Sinar Continental, Skyline Jaya, Vania Interior Furnishing, Visi Cakrawala Pratama, Versaguna International, Wahana Boga Nusantara, Winterhalter Indonesia PMA, Wonderful Indah Jaya, etc. (Special for FHT 2018 – Get Early Bird 10% discount before 30 November 2016).


Reserve your stand location in Food & Hotel Indonesia 2017 and Food, Hotel & Tourism Bali 2018, as our reservation is allocated strictly on “First Come, First Served” rule. Gain the benefit from the rapid growth of food, beverages, tourism and retail industries in Indonesia.


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Hotelier Indonesia : FOOD & HOTEL INDONESIA 2017 and FOOD, HOTEL & TOURISM BALI 2018
All available hall has been booked since after FHI 2015 Exhibition, and we have to extend the exhibition halls in order to accommodate many offers from our potential participants. Currently, 85% of stand location were already booked by FHI 2015 participants.
Hotelier Indonesia
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