LINAK of desk in DESKLINE, workbench, we are pleased to propose a height adjustable actuator system corresponding to such counter. The built-in actuator utilizing the design of equipment, can be functional and stylish solutions.  To fit in to the needs of our customers DESKLINE we aim to more ease of use and improved the desk or workbench. Also, that the end user is to develop products that customers demand comfortable to use with satisfying me we are considered one of the most important. Since its entry into the office desk market in 1990, DESKLINE of LINAK has established a leadership role in the world as a high-quality actuator manufacturer.  In DESKLINE of LINAK and are equipped with service system by a subsidiary of the country, and has made ​​the product sales and after-sales service.  For more information, please visit the link below for the DESKLINE. DESKLINE application


Furniture that you can adjust the height to achieve the easy work environment work by the user. DESKLINE® of linac desk comfortable operability based on ergonomics, work table, you can easily apply to the counter.
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