A Business to Business Tradeshow, Seminar and Workshop for The Restaurant & Food Service Industry.
10 – 12 OCTOBER 2014
Bale Pare, Kota Baru Parahyangan, Bandung

10.00 am – 06.00 pm

Why Exhibit ?

Java Restaurant Expo 2013 is a Business-to-Business trade exhibition for the restaurant and foodservice industry, offering exhibitors and sponsors a strong platform to display and market their latest products and service, and the opportunity to engage with restaurant operators, owners, entrepreneurs and future investors.

With over 2000 operating restaurants, cafes, hotels, bakeries and catering companies in Bandung City alone, Java Restaurant Expo 2013 will host a myriad of suppliers, supporting businesses, contractors, consultancy and service providers, caterers, food and restaurant franchisors from around indonesia and overseas.

The expo aims to focus on crucial management aspects such as cost control, operations efficiency, productivity, food quality, and optimizing managerial skill and knowledge, toward achieving a better final product and service.

Exhibit Profile

Food and Beverages / Kitchen (suppliers) :

  • Raw Material and finished good suppliers (Bakery, Kitchen & Bar)

  • Kitchen Equipment & tools (custom or branded)

  • Kitchen Consultant

  • Menu Engineering

  • Food outsourcing (cake, bread, catering)

  • Storage & Accesories (chiller, freezer, shelves, basket, trays etc)

  • Frozen foods

  • Fats & oils

  • Organic foods

Service :

  • Equipment suppliers (chafing dishes, hollow ware stainless steel, silver ware, banquet tables, banquet chairs, skirting & accessories, linen, rotisserie and roast displays, trolleys, mats, dispensers, etc)

  • Glassware, cutleries, napkins, accessories, etc.

  • Banquet/catering equipment

  • Coolers (A/C, Fan, Blowers)

Management :


  • Outsourcing companies: recruitment (Staffs, cooks, waiters, kitchen hand, etc), Finance, laundry & Cleaning services, IT, Maintenance, pest control.

  • HR systems ( attendance system , Training)

  • Insurance company

  • Uniform

  • Safety (CCTV, Security companies, devices & accesories)

B. Finance

  • Finance consultant/accountants/law firms

  • POS system

  • IT integrated finance systems

  • Banking

C. Procurement

    • Producers, distributors, wholesalers, importers

    • Office furniture and stationeries

D. Sales and Marketing

        • Sales and Marketing consultants

        • Advertising supporting companies

        • Radio, TV, Magazines, Newspapers & internet links

        • Graphic design (Menu, Flyer, Brochures, Advertisement notices)

        • Marketing Discount providers (groupons, websites, vouchers)

        • Printing companies

E. Admin

        • Inventory system (hardware & software)

        • Admin system (hardware & software)


      • Restaurant building developer/contractor

      • Restaurant Designer (Concept, Interior, Civil, Arhitectural, Landscape)

      • Real estate agents

      • Waste Management

      • Entertainment: live music, AV systems and specialists

      • Event organisers (Birthday, gathering, outbound, wedding)

      • Party equipment

      • Packaging

      • Internet providers

      • Chamber of Commerce (Kadin)

      • Restaurant & Chef associations

      • Government: Permits, Licences, Taxation, Department of Tourism, Art and Culture.

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