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Celebrity chef Will Meyrick introduces speakeasy Honey & Smoke to Ubud.

An immersive celebration of cooking with fire arrives in a Wes Anderson-inspired venue.

Ubud’s dining scene continues to flourish, with its most recent arrival speakeasy Honey & Smoke, the latest creation of lauded restaurateur Will Meyrick. This fire-focused eatery is a celebration of the chargrill, and is housed in a suavely styled space reminiscent of traditional train carriages.

For celebrity chef Will, this wood-fired bistro is based around Modern Australian dining, a result of his recent time spent based in Australia. “We just came back to Bali after living in Australia for 2.5 years,” he explains. “It gave me the opportunity to work with a lot of Western ingredients, and combine them with our style of cooking.” He refers to cooking over fire, a concept which has been embraced at Will’s Perth outpost Will St. He’s again embraced it at Honey and Smoke where the chargrill is the hero. “Cooking with charcoal or wood fire just creates a much better flavour. As we’ve been using it as Will St, it’s a really natural thing for us to install here in Ubud.”

While fire is the kitchen’s focus, that’s not to say that Honey & Smoke is a steak restaurant. Dishes are varied with guests invited to tuck into the likes of Grilled Scallops topped with chilli butter, dried mint yoghurt, and sumac, joined by Charred Corn with honeycomb, smoked yoghurt and whipped feta. Mains extend into Wood-Fired Aged Snapper served alongside pennyworth, kacang lima, charred kale, and miso beurre blanc, and an 8 hour Slow-Roasted Lamb Neck joined by mint sauce. Special mention also goes to the ample wood-fired sides available - think Baby Gem lettuce topped with charred corn and crispy coppa, and Charred Broccolini and Asparagus with a smoked oyster sauce.

The interiors themselves are just as note-worthy as the fare. Inspired by the famously stylistic films of director Wes Anderson, Honey & Smoke is a vibrantly dressed venue which was dreamt up by Will himself, in collaboration with Mirah Group. “We really wanted to create an experience,” says Will, “so we decided to build a 1920s-style train carriage with an outside staircase which goes all the way up to the second floor. It feels like you’re on a journey, a culinary journey. Hence why there are so many connotations of trains and travel, like luggage racks filled with actual luggage.” Antique accents, like teak flooring and rustic doorways help to complete the scene and amplify the speakeasy atmosphere of the Ubud venue.

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3 Chefs. 8 Michelin Stars at Mozaic restaurant gastronomique, Ubud

August 2020 – The Chris Salans Group is delighted to announce a very special 6-hands Michelin Star dinner at Mozaic restaurant gastronomique in Ubud, on Friday August 28th 2020.

For this very special dinner Chef Owner Chris Salans has invited two extremely talented friends of his who have both been chefs de cuisine of multiple Michelin Star restaurants - Chef Justin Mauté, ex-chef de cuisine for Yannick Alleno (3* Michelin) and, Chef Gildas Périn for Nicolas Sale (2* Michelin). Chris himself has chef-ed for Thomas Keller a 3-star Michelin chef.

The three chefs are preparing a unique 7 course tasting menu which will showcase the cuisines of Chefs Thomas Keller, Yannick Alleno and Nicolas Sale. A special pairing of premium wines, carefully selected by our master sommelier Jean Francois Moch, will also be proposed for this unique occasion.
Dinner reservations will be available from 6.00pm until 9.00pm for a maximum of 50 guests. Price for the dinner will be Idr950,000++ per person for the food only and Idr1,800,000++ per person for the food with premium wine pairing.

Guests can book for this very special event by contacting Mozaic at +62-361-975768 or by visiting Mozaic’s website at

Chef Salans says, “Bali and Ubud are going through some tough times. It is time for Chefs to come together more than ever and support each other and the restaurant trade of Bali. Residents of Bali are hungry for entertainment and so we have devised a few unique collaboration events for them over the next few months - events which, in normal times, would not be possible to put together. Be ready to be surprised!”

Chef Salans is a dedicated mentor and one of Bali’s top culinary ambassadors, representing Bali and Indonesia in print and television.

For further details, please contact:
Komang Sri
WA: +6287760268282
Email: [email protected]

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Hotel, Resort , Restaurants , Hotelier, Airlines , Software, Foods ,Trade, Magazine, Appointment, Recruitment, Events , Booking, Technology, Hotelier
Hotel, Resort , Restaurants , Hotelier, Airlines , Software, Foods ,Trade, Magazine, Appointment, Recruitment, Events , Booking, Technology, Hotelier
Hotel, Resort , Restaurants , Hotelier, Airlines , Software, Foods ,Trade, Magazine, Appointment, Recruitment, Events , Booking, Technology, Hotelier

SANg Spa Establishment

Sang Spa was founded in November 2007 and began operations effectively in January 2008. This was preceded by a simple dream - to provide a traditional and simply designed Spa service to all guests at a very reasonable price. As time went by, so many guests decided to come back again to Sang Spa and also recommended us to their friends so we have grown considerably.

Sang Spa is famous for its combination of full-body treatment packages, such as the Holistic Sang Spa Package & the Eat Pray Love Spa Package. Based on a survey conducted by the founder of Sang Spa, there are many reasons that make our guests return again and again and recommend us to their friends. The smiling and friendly hospitality of our team, openly welcoming and ready to assist and provide you with the best Spa experience.

We constantly improve the quality of our service by listening to our guest's feedback given by the guests. Hygiene and sanitation is also very important to us as well.

Today, Sang Spa already has 3 Outlets with 12 admin staff and almost 50 spa therapists and will continue to grow in stages according to demand in collaboration with our partner villas and hotels.

The treatments and services that are offered by Sang Spa are standardized by strict Quality Control and continuing review of all services and treatments offered by our therapist in order to maintain the highest standards of professionalism and service to our guests.
Jalan Jembawan # 13 B Padang Tegal Ubud Bali

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Stillness. Serenity. Karsa Spa.At the core of your being, beyond mind, beyond body, lies your true nature.
A sparkle of light. A sprinkling of energy.
Totally peaceful. At one with the world.
Playful. Innocent.
Gentle. Generous.
Loving. Wise.
At your highest, you want the best for yourself, others and the planet.

Our aim at Karsa Spa is to relax and open your entire being.We bring you into your sacred heart space where you are free to remember your connection to source energy, the divine flow, who you really are............
Quality of bodywork and ReikiFirst and foremost you are here for a professional, healing massage or Reiki treatment. It's all about how you feel. You want your therapist to be focused, present and attuned to your needs.
All our staff are professional, experienced, highly trained massage therapists.
All our Reiki practitioners hold Reiki Tummo certification.
Be assured your therapist will be attuned into your needs, fully present and discrete at all times.

Treatment roomsLush, beautiful, sparkling clean indoor and outdoor rooms with freshly laundered linen. We use water treated with a salt based softening system and have pressurised water tanks. Feel the difference in your after massage shower or bath! Plants, the soothing sounds of water, lotus pond and traditional Balinese artworks add to your experience of tranquility.

Drift away to our tranquil sounds or choose your own faves on one of our ipods. Traditional Balinese spa, soft jazz, guided meditations, classical, mantras, contemporary or aural beats. Whatever relaxes you and opens your heart, we've got it.

Our productsWe use only Ayuvedic and organic oils for our massage treatments. We prefer Nadi's Herbal products as they are produced locally and are of the highest quality to ensure the best for you and Ibu Earth. Our organic facial and scrub ingredients are sourced from local organic suppliers. Our ginger-lemongrass-pandan-palm sugar tea is a divine after treatment drink.

Eco philosophyWe have built our spa using bio-septic tank systems to protect the surrounding rice fields. We recycle with Eco Bali, use Bio Soap natural soap nut liquid for cleaning the spa, and are actively involved in modelling our practices and encouraging others in the village to dispose of waste cleanly and greenly.

Our villageThe village of Bangkiang Sidem is a divine 30 minute walk from Ubud central, or 10 minutes by road via Sanggingan and Payogan. Surrounded by rice fields and tranquil village scenery. Step back in time to a more ancient Bali for a day. We are located with Karsa Kafe; perfect to combine a walk, a massage or body treatment with lunch or a juice. Sunsets are amazing up here! Taxi transport to Bangkiang Sidem costs around Rp 70,000 - Rp 100,000 from Ubud.

We are located on the Campuhan Ridge, in the village of Bangkiang Sidem, just
behind Karsa Kafe and villas.

Walk via the Campuhan RidgeYou can walk here in 40 minutes from Ubud market along the path that leads you
up along the Campuhan ridge between two sacred rivers. Walk into the driveway at Ibah Resort. Don't enter Ibah, take the path to the left down towards the temple. At the bottom of the hill don't walk over the small bridge into the temple; take the path to the right and follow it around to the right then up to the ridge. Watch for flashes of the torquoise Javanese Kingfisher as he swoops through the gorge below!

Drive 10 minutes west from Ubud Palace Go west along Jalan Raya over the Campuhan bridge and continue up past Bintang supermarket to
Sanggingan. Go all the way to the top of the road where it veers to the left and
continue past Fly Cafe. Take the next turn right, and follow the small green signs to 'Lokha Ubud' resort..... through the village of Payogan, down a big hill, across a small bridge and up to
the T intersection. Turn right here. Welcome to Bangkiang Sidem!
Drive another 500 metres through the village until you emerge into the rice
fields. You will see Karsa Kafe, Spa and Villas on the right.

NB If you are in a car and coming along Monkey Forest Road you need to allow at least 30 mins if there is traffic jams (most afternoons!). If you can walk to the end of Monkey Forest Rd where the market is and get a driver there will save you time!
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At Jaens Spa, our skilled practitioners offer traditional and Balinese treatments in downtown Ubud's most relaxing and blissful surroundings. Our pampering services are done in a comfortable and relaxed setting so you feel right at home. 

The décor uses natural healing elements such as bamboo, water, stone, natural light and plants. We use natural products and handmade skin care recipes to nourish your body, mind and spirit.
Jl. Raya Pengosekan, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Front of Alfa mart, Beside Panorama Hotel and Buddha&Silk.
1 hour by car from Airport
30 minute walk from Ubud palace
15 minute walk from Monkey Forest
10 minute walk from Bebek Bengil (dirty duck )
5 minute walk between yoga and Arma restaurant
2 minute walk from Tegal Sari, Green field or Pizza Bagus