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BHAOur Programs

Living in a Balinese community is ruled by the local philosophy called the “gotong royong” which means joined responsibility and mutual cooperation.

Responding to today’s challenges;

BHA is inspired by these living principles and the benefit of supporting the local communities and its people. Numerous programs are developed and implemented to empower individuals and groups providing them with the skills and knowledge they need to initiate and drive change in their life and communities.

BHA collaboratively works with other social institutions and initiates programs on an ad hoc basis to address short- and long-term concerns in Bali.

BHA Programs 2012-2013 at a glance:

Community Relations and Charity

  • Blood drive

  • Linen drive

  • Disability program

  • One Hotel One Orphanage program

  • Orphanage visits

Education, Training and Scholarship

  • Regular training for sales and PR, security and safety, housekeeping, and more

  • BHA Scholarship program

  • Book launch for the one-decade anniversary of the BHA Scholarship program

  • BHA Scholarship gatherings and forums


  • Monthly green team meeting

  • Supporting Bali Clean and Green Program

  • Reporting water and electricity usage data for 2013

  • Ongoing Say No to Disposable Plastic initiative

General Affairs/Government Relations

  • Supporting the government in socializing new regulations

  • Facilitating discussion among members and government officials

  • Contributing ideas and expert solutions related to various matters

Marketing and Public Relations  

  • Yearly participation in Australian Expos

  • Sales mission trips with the Ministry of Tourism

  • Supporting the Sanur Village Festival, the Nusa Dua Fiesta, the Denpasar Festival and Bali Arts Festival

  • Participated in ITCEF

  • Sending press releases to media and database contacts on BHA website about BHA activities and initiatives

  • Updating the marketing tools on the BHA website for both media and public

  • Bali map initiative

  • Destination advertising in magazines


Safety and Security

  • Provision of security and safety relevant SOP’s, background papers and check lists for members

  • Comprehensive  security audits

  • Bali Security and Safety Radio

  • Crisis PR, Communication and Management

  • Workshops on Tourism Security and Safety related subjects

  • Individual consultations and tailored problem solutions

  • Disaster Risk Reduction e.g. Tsunami Ready Hotels certification

  • Cooperation with ASEAN in the drafting of the ASEAN Tourism Security and Safety Guidelines

  • Cooperation with its partners to tackle HIV AIDS, rabies and other health issues

  • Situational support and preventive measure e.g. during ASEAN and APEC meetings, Bali Bombing Anniversary etc.

  • Security and safety related cooperation with the local community e.g. Tanjung Benoa Tsunami Shelter and Evacuation Initiative

  • Liaison with BHA’s national and international partners e.g. the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Police, UNDSS, UNESCO, PATA, ASEAN, OSAC, US

Sport and Cultural Activities

  • Organizing sport competitions

  • Supporting various events


  • BHA members bi-monthly meeting

  • Bali Award Night and Cocktail Party

  • weekly updates for members on new product, trends, happenings and activities

  • working on the website that reaches 3,000 readers from various industries, including the media

In Development

  • organizing Australia Trade Shows for members

  • developing the Bali Convention Bureau

  • supporting the government for APEC 2013

  • seminars, workshops, events

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