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Even while the cost of managing a hotel increases, guests are getting more demanding and technology savvy. In such an environment, hotels see only benefits in moving to adopt a strong, robust hotel software that can attract guests, effectively manage them and also keep costs in check.

As hotels becomes dependent on hospitality technology and the market floods with options, choosing the right solution becomes increasingly difficult. Good hotel technology easily aligns to business needs, can be rapidly deployed and provides 24/7 support. The application should promise 100% application uptime, should be easily configurable and scalable as and when required.

Harness the Advantage of Easy to Use Hospitality Technology

IDS NEXT is committed to reducing complexity in hospitality technology. Towards this end we have leveraged our 25 years of experience to develop a range of highly refined software for every segment of the hotel industry, including hotel chains, budget and independent hotels. Irrespective of the size of your hotel is, we have a robust, user friendly technology solutions software that can be customized just for you. Our hotel software can be rapidly deployed, is easy to use, intuitive, provides in-depth business intelligence through attractive graphics and our customers testify to its effectiveness in automating operations.

Technology plays an important role in…

• Front Office Management
Point of Sale
Accounts Receivable
• Sales & Marketing
• Banquets
• Telephone Management
• Materials Management
• Food & Beverages Costing
• Financial Management
• HR and Payroll
Maintenance Management
Quality Management
SMS Alerts

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